Recruitment process improvement

You don’t want to waste your time.  Nor do you want your colleagues to squander their time, or that of your clients.

In this fast and interconnected world, every minute of every working day counts.

We also imagine that you do not want to squander the time of the job applicants who apply to your organisation for a job through a poorly run recruitment campaign. It is often the case that an organisation’s recruitment process can be improved, and this is especially so with commercial start-ups and NGOs, where greater time and resources rightfully need to be deployed to undertake the organisation’s core operational tasks.

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy offers a scalable and comprehensive recruitment process service.  This offering can enable organisations to reap a greater return on their investment through the design and implementation of a tailored and robust recruitment and/or sourcing process.  In short, a Stairwell recruitment process gifts you time.

Our services include:

  • Job/role audits  – to ensure that the compulsory and desirable skills and experience, and the require competencies are appropriate for the position;
  • Creation of role/job profiles with tailored job descriptions and person specifications created in conjunction with the line- and senior managers;
  • Development of training and support recruitment management programmes for effectively people overseeing the resourcing process;
  • Candidate journey (process) analysis and design, including designing all screening mechanisms like telephone and face-to-face interviews;
  • Creation of candidate communications suite.

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy can help to make your recruitment processes even more effective by engineering a candidate journey aligned to your organisation’s values and way of working, improving retention rates, and reducing both time- and cost-to-hire.

To request a meeting or further information, please send an email to Darrin at: