Commercial research

Every organisation needs accurate and relevant information to be successful.

In today’s connected world, the value of being able to commission, access and deploy credible information gained through using robust research methodologies is very high.

Accurate research findings intelligently applied empower an organisation.

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy has undertaken research projects on behalf of a range of clients, from a Europe-based social impact NGO through to Europe’s largest manufacturer of household appliances.

Since Stairwell Ideas Consultancy was established, we have produced the research pieces on the following topics:

  • The current state of nature-based tourism in West Africa, and its future growth potential, with particular reference to Congo-Brazzaville and Cameroon;
  • The nutritional benefits of the Moringa tree, and its commercial opportunities in Madagascar, with specific reference to Base of the Pyramid communities;
  • The short- and medium-term commercial viability of a plant-based biofuel;
  • The potential growth path of a new national newspaper for an east African country using web-to-print technology;
  • Possible locations for siting a new bio jet fuel refinery in the continental USA;
  • The commercial potential of a social impact agro-forestry project, located in East Africa.

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy will work with you to understand the scope of work, the research aim, your audience, the most appropriate communication medium and the right tone of voice.

To request a meeting or further information, please send an email to Darrin at: