Business communications

The start of any new commercial or professional challenge is a moment rich with possibility.

Strategic support to help frame and communicate the nature of the aim, and define the positive benefits gained can assist your organisation to quickly gain required focus and momentum towards the desired goal.

A tailored business communications package also provides another key benefit: structure.

A framework of principal documents and templates will mean that you have greater chance achieving your goals by enabling you to:

  • Clearly state the proposition;
  • Provide the necessary background information on both the market sector and your competitors;
  • Outline the financial and resource investment considerations;
  • The reasons why your organisation should be the preferred provider, or fund recipient;
  • The added value that your organisation can bring if provided the right support to achieve that aim.

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy can work with you to create robust and effective business communication documents, which are also cost effective, and might include some of the following items:

  • Business plans;
  • Case studies;
  • Corporate presentations;
  • Funding and/or donor investment applications;
  • Media releases.

Stairwell ideas can provide you with these documents as templates, or we can help you write them.

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy support in the production of your business communication documents will enable your organisation to better define its voice, sharpen the organisation’s focus, and attract positive attention from the wider world.

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