About Stairwell Ideas Consultancy

Would you like your organisation to have a credible and distinct voice in your sector, one that your colleagues and competitors know is uniquely yours?

How much better might your business results be if your organisation could access effective research outcomes gained through straightforward but robust methodology?

What could your organisation look like if you had processes that helped you to quickly engage with and identify the most appropriate talent, stream out unsuitable applicants in a customer-oriented way, reduce your costs over time AND time to hire?

Stairwell Ideas Consultancy offer tailored business communications, research and recruitment process improvement consultancy and support solutions to organisations.

The Stairwell Ideas Consultancy grew out two connected notions:  firstly, that much of what we do, either as individuals or as part of an organisation, is grounded in the creation of new things – artefacts, ideas, attitudes, working practices.

Secondly, in a rapidly connected world, building and communicating powerful stories related to an organisation’s seminal historical moments is an effective way to articulate how a competitive advantage can be gained by having your people understand what makes them distinct, and who can clearly express this in their daily business.

An effective analogy to help understand the location of these interactions is that of a stairwell: a connecting space that joins more fixed locations with each other, and allows for the movement of people, ideas, and objects.  It is neither here not there; but it is now.

Stairwell Idea Consultancy’s range of services can help organisations to:

Create effective business documents – such as business plans, investor notes and corporate presentations, etc. – that hones your organisational focus and voice, and attracts the attention of the wider world.

Undertake meaningful commercial research and produce professionally written papers and presentations that outline the research outcomes for both internal and external stakeholders.

Develop tailored recruitment processes, which are closely aligned with your organisation’s value framework and modus operandi, improve the quality of your starters, and which will reduce both time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.